Foldable Electric Scooters and Mobility Products
Foldable Electric Scooters and Mobility Products
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About Us

Since 1974 Di Blasi has been producing brilliantly designed and engineered folding vehicles. Made with quality materials and hand built in the Di Blasi factory in Italy, the folding vehicles are sold worldwide and now in the US.


The founder of our Company was Rosario Di Blasi.
For our clients and for anyone who appreciates our products, here is his story as an inventor and an entrepreneur.
Mr. Di Blasi was an pilot officer of the Italian Air Force until 1946. During the war he flew three-engine SM79‘s over the skies of North Africa, Malta and the western Mediterranean.

Along with his passion for flying, Mr. Di Blasi always had a special fondness for mechanics and anything innovative.
So in 1940 he established a “Charting Rule” which is a rule to perform the necessary calculations for aerial navigation, in an era when it was still an art that was left up to the ability of the pilot.

In April 1942 the now Major Rosario Di Blasi published an article titled “Operational Diagram of a Rotary Engine” in the “Rivista Aeronautica”, official magazine of the Italian Ministry of Aeronautics. In this study, its author clearly set the theoretical base for the functioning of a rotary engine which later became known as Wankel engine. He not only indicated the advantages but also the difficulties in building it, as the various attempts of practical production had demonstrated. In February 1943, the same article was also reprinted in the German magazine “>Deutsche Luftwacht Luftwissen”.

Immediately after the war, Mr. Di Blasi lived in Rome. He owned a bicycle which in those days was an important asset (recall the famous neorealist film of 1948 by Vittorio De Sica “Bicycle Thieves”). In order to not leave his bicycle unattended, he was forced to carry it into his home, on the eighth floor of a building with an elevator that was too narrow to hold it. This is where the idea came from that a folding bicycle would be much easier to transport.